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As a full-service HD video production company, we offer a variety of services including:


  • Corporate Video Production

  • Commercial Production

  • Webmercials - Web Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Music Video Production

  • Independent Feature Films



Cool Attitude Films will work with you from concept to completion in order to develop a successful advertisement, web video, corporate video, infomercial, or music video. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, we offer a variety of packages to accommodate your budget without cutting corners. For many businesses, video advertising has become a core part of their marketing plan.


As searching for information on the internet increases, web videos should be an instrumental part of your marketing strategy. Companies of all sizes are now starting to realize the importance of marketing with video advertising. Enhancing your website and getting more exposure for your company is imperative in today's competitive world.



Web Videos: Companies of all sizes have found that in order to increase traffic to their web site, adding web videos, also known as webmercials, are an instrumental part of their marketing strategy. Professionals are using this medium to promote their company to significantly boost sales and increase profits without exceeding their marketing budget. A professional video is an excellent way to advertise, train staff, and impress clients.


We create and produce professional videos for on-line social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Blogs, WordPress, etc. We make it easy for our clients to add the media to their sites or we can update your website for you.



Training Videos: Companies need to train their employees to improve their skills and capabilities. Training videos are more cost effective than having to use a current staff’s valuable work time to train a new employee. So, if want to produce a video that will help you explain things to your employees, Cool Attitude Films will make it possible for you.




Our company values a supportive, creative, and exciting work environment for making the whole process smooth and enjoyable. We listen to our clients so that we can assist them in planning, designing, and formulating their ideas into an invaluable product.


Please call us if you have any questions or to set up a free consultation.



(561) 951-0908  or  (561) 951-0909



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