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The Marriage Scheme Movie Trailer

Directors:  Ann Fishman and Dave DeBorde

Screenwriter:  Ann Fishman

Genre:  Romantic Comedy


This indie film is a romantic comedy starring Victoria Jackson and Maddy Curley. Since It is difficult being a single mother, Iris tries to teach Molly from childhood that it is better to marry someone who has money and can take care of you. Iris has many schemes on how to find a rich husband. Molly see's that it is possible to find a rich husband, but realizes you have to follow your heart in order to find true happiness. This indie film was shot on location in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Directors:  Dave DeBorde

Screenwriter:  Dave DeBorde

Genre:  Drama


This independent film is based on the new trend in teen parties. Bryden watches her dad, Pastor Raymond, battle a prescription drug habit. Since Pastor Raymond tries to teach his children that using drugs is wrong, this causes friction between Bryden and her dad. A tragic event inspires forgiveness, hope and second chances.


At Pharm Parties, teens bring along any drug they can find from the family medicine chest, called "pharming," and throw the pills all together in a large party bowl. Teens grab some pills, called "trail mix," from the party bowl and swallow them. It is impossible to know what they are taking, how many they are consuming, or if the pills will have serious reactions to the other pills ingested. According to teens, that is part of the rush. 

Urban Pharm Party Movie Trailer
Through My Sisters Eyes Movie Trailer

Director:  Winston Titus Tao

Screenwriters:  Aaron John Tao and Keith Wilcox

Genre:  Drama


When a photojournalist learns she has eye cancer, she returns home to be taken care of by her family.


2010 Winner at the 168 festival for best scripturally integrated film. Keith Wilcox and Aaron John Tao were both nominated for Best Scriptural Integration in screen writing. Mark Weber and Winston Titus Tao were nominated for the Evangelista Award, and Angela Stewart-Starks was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.


Director:  Paul Halluch

Screenwriter:  John Natoli

Genre:  Family


A spoiled but caring, Chance Williams enlists the help of waitress, Ashlee Simons, to save the life of a special lobster facing certain death. Their actions lead to a series of second chances in the Village of Sandybottoms.

Second Chance Movie Trailer

Director:  Paul Halluch

Screenwriter:  John Natoli

Genre:  Drama


Jake is a greedy, self-centered, trust-fund baby, who believes he inherited a worthless, pigeon infested park instead of millions like the rest of the family. He decides to make quick money by selling it even though his grandfather said that it was the most valuable of all the grandchildren's' inheritance. After the sale, he discovers that the park is the archeological find of the century.

The Park Movie Trailer

Director:  Alan Vint

Screenwriter:  Jimi Petulla

Genre:  Romantic Drama


Leo Leone has been wrestling since he was seven years old. As the only son of wrestling coach (and ex-state champion) Edward Leone, Leo's dedication to the sport was tied up in his love for his father. Now Leo is seventeen. His life has been an endless cycle of training, sacrifice, and starving to make weight -- a process that is becoming ever more difficult during adolescence. He's tired of denying himself everything, and is feeling the lure of a world beyond the mat. Living paycheck to paycheck, working a dead-end job in the mines while coaching for no money, Leo's father Ed sees a wrestling scholarship as his son's only chance to escape the treadmill of life in a small Pennsylvania town. But though his motives are good, Ed is pushing his son too hard.

Reversal Movie Trailer
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